Oec dressage worldwide Vetting

Buying a horse is a big and often expensive decision so it is important to make the right choice and to buy the right horse. OEC Dressage Worldwide is not only looking to find a horse for you that has got a pleasant manner, is good to ride, and willing to work but also looking for one that is likely to remain healthy and is suitable for the type and amount of riding that is anticipated.

At OEC Dressage Worldwide all our horses are vetted or are given the equivalent of a UK 5 stage vetting prior to purchase and all the horses are open to pre-purchase vetting by potential buyers. We consult a professional opinion on the health and suitability of a horse before offering it for sale to our valued clients as to make a mistake and buy the wrong horse could be costly and heart breaking. We work closely with several international team vets as well as with Shearwater Insurance to guarantee the best possible start with your new partner.

Please search our Horses for Sale page for your next superstar.

For further details, contact Ian Winfield at OEC Dressage Worldwide.

                        Vetting a horse