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The professional team at Oec Dressage Worldwide have many years of experience and success in breaking in young horses, whatever their intended discipline. We appreciate that each horse is unique and responds differently to this initial stage of their education so we are adaptable in our approach; this ensures that the horses we produce are happy, confident and relaxed.

We offer a breaking and training service which will progress your horse to the level of education that you require. We will develop a programme, in consultation with yourself, which will balance work days with rest days to ensure the ongoing physical and mental fitness of your horse. At an appropriate point in the initial stages of training, the programme will incorporate the introduction to trotting poles, cross poles and to hacking out. As part of the overall process, your horse will be worked in different arenas and on different surfaces.

The facilities at Oec Dressage Worldwide are ideal for educating the young horse in safe surroundings.


Training a young horse

Backing a young horse

The all weather surface is maintained on a daily basis, providing a level and secure footing on which work can begin. Heat lamps can be used before and after exercise to reduce muscle stiffness and encourage looseness, elasticity and relaxation. Wash bays with hot and cold running water are also available

Oec Dressage Worldwide can also assist if you require your horse to be introduced to loading either into a horsebox and/or trailer.

Breaking livery includes the complete care of your horse and the supervision, if necessary, of visits from your veterinary practitioner and any other equine professionals that you may wish to attend to your horse. The Yard Manager will keep you fully informed of progress and you are welcome to attend and be fully involved.

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If you would like to know more or would like to discuss the options for your horse, please call +44 (0) 1403 710946 or +44 (0) 7702 124123 or email us at info@oecdressageworldwide.co.uk