Oec Dressage Worldwide Horses For Sale

Here is a selection of our horses for sale. Prices available upon application. Please contact Ian Winfield.


Oec Dressage Worldwide mango jacaro

Name:Oec Dressage Worldwide Mango Jacaro

Age 14 Year old – DOB 24/04/2005
Height 16.2 HH approx.
Level Grand Prix
Colour Dark Bay
Sex Stallion (can be cut)
Breeding Sire: Rondeno IX (Lebrijano III x Rondena VII) Eslida-Cen (Endrino x Melosa III)
Acheivements International Team Horse. Member of the GB Nations Cup team two years running


Prices start from £8,000 - Contact Ian Winfield for more details on +44 1403 710946 or +44 7702 124123

Oec Dressage Worldwide is thrilled to present this unbelievably rare opportunity to purchase PRE Grand Prix European Champion Mango Jacaro.

Jacaro has an impressive competition record. Under Vicky Thompson-Winfield Jacaro was on the Great Britain team in the Nations Cup in both 2017 and 2018. He is the current MCI European Champion and was ranked number 1 Spanish Grand Prix horse in the world by ANCCE in 2016, 2017 and 2018. He has many wins at Grand Prix at Uk national level, double winner at Hickstead Premier League scoring over 70% in both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix special. At international level Jacaro regularly gains scores of over 70% and gained a career high of 73.41% at Addington Manor Premier League 2018.

He began his 2019 campaign with an impressive 72% and has continued to improve recently scoring 74% at the Hickstead CDI.



Oec Dressage Worldwide Cerano-Gold

Name:Oec Dressage Worldwide Cerano-Gold

Age 12 Year old – DOB 20/03/2007
Height 16.1HH approx.
Level Grand Prix
Colour Chestnut
Sex Gelding
Breeding KWPN  
Achievements International and European GP team horse for Sweden


Prices start from £8,000 - Contact Ian Winfield for more details on +44 1403 710946 or +44 7702 124123

This is an outstanding 12 year old chestnut with extraordinary movement. He is a good uphill, modern model in his conformation.

This horse competed Small Tour in 2018 and was placed each time out. He has been selected for the Swedish young Rider team in 2019 gaining regular high scores and competing Internationally. Cerano Gold has most recently been selected to compete on the Swedish Team at the European Championships in San Giovanni in Italy, July 2019. Cerano Gold was a member of the European Under 25 GP Team for Sweden, finishing 4th overall with 68%, narrowly missing a team medal acheiving improved scores all the time this season.



OEC Dressage Worldwide Artist

Name: OEC Dressage Worldwide Artist

Age 11 Year old - DOB 29/03/2008
Height 16.1 HH approx.
Level Grand Prix
Colour Palomino
Sex Gelding
Breeding Danish Warmblood. Abanos x Mae Harriet, Alabaster x Ankora, Heimdals Hamlet x Magonette
Acheivements International Team Horse


Recently available, the stunning golden palomino Grand Prix horse, Artist. As a competition horse both Nationally and Internationally this horse needs no introduction. He has many wins from young horse classes through the levels and is now competing at Grand Prix achieving over 70%.

As a small tour horse Artist was a consistent winner including reserve National Champion at Prix St George. He represented GB on many occasions and this has continued into his Grand Prix career.



Oec Dressage worldwide Exquisite

Name: Oec Dressage Worldwide Exquisite

Age 11 Year old – DOB 15/06/2008
Height 16.2 HH approx.
Level INT 1( working GP)
Colour Dark Bay
Sex Gelding
Breeding KWPN, Lord Loxley x Lord Sinclair, Dam Wabiola x Montecristo
Acheivements International Team Horse


Prices start from £8,000 - Contact Ian Winfield for more details on +44 1342 837750 or +44 7702 124123

This strikingly beautiful 11 year old KWPN Gelding has naturally loose and uphill movements which cover the ground with great ease. All three of his paces are naturally expressive and whatever you ask of him he performs with ease and grace. Exquisite has a loveable and charming character which makes him so reliable both at home and in the competition arena, nothing phases this chap. Exquisite has been out competing at the Premier League shows this season (2018) in the small tour classes and has been gaining scores in the 69%/72% range and will be making his International debut at small tour. Exquisite has acheived several top three placings in International Small tour classes.



Oec Dressage Worldwide Esturion (Schoolmaster)

Name:Oec Dressage Worldwide Esturion PHM (Schoolmaster)

Age 10 Year old – DOB 03/08/2009
Height 16 HH approx.
Level INT II (working Grand Prix)
Colour Bay
Sex Gelding
Breeding Sire: E-Nabo (Nilo x Fazenda) Dam: Daphne DE (Davignon II x Whitney DE)


Prices start from £8,000 - Contact Ian Winfield for more details on +44 1403 710946 or +44 7702 124123

Here is your chance to purchase a ready-to-go Inter II level horse who is working GP. This 10 year old has been carefully produced through the levels and this shows in his willingness to please and his can do attitude in the arena. Esturion was brought by his non-professional owner to ride and for Olympic rider and trainer Vicki Thompson-Winfield to continue his education into the Grand Prix work which he has shown great aptitude for. Esturion has spent the last few months with us refining the GP work and finds the piaffe and passage work easy showing how active his hind leg is. The tempi changes have a naturally uphill feel showing great expression and control. Esturion has a super character whilst being ridden and in the stable.



Oec Dressage Worldwide Floris Sollenburg

Name: Oec Dressage Worldwide Floris Sollenburg

Age 10 Years old 
Height 16.3HH approx.
Level Working Inter II
Colour Black
Sex Gelding
Breeding Westwind x Lets Go


Prices start from £8,000 - Contact Ian Winfield for more details on +44 1403 710946 or +44 7702 124123

This strikingly handsome Black gelding certainly creates a real impression when entering the arena. He posesses a majestic presence, classic confirmation and he oozes confidence. Floris has the tremendous combination of balance and power, allowing him to perform his work with ease and gymnastic prowess. He always wows the judges consistantly scoring high marks and percentages as he carries himself in an uphill, relaxed and supple manner. He performs flying changes with masterful ease and rythym, working with great push from behind, whilst remaining well balanced and straight. A real rosette collector!



Oec Dressage Worldwide Sixtus

Name: Oec Dressage Worldwide Sixtus

Age 10 Year old – DOB 15/06/2009
Height 16.1 HH approx.
Level Prix St George (working Grand Prix)
Colour Black
Sex Gelding
Breeding German Warmblood, Saryno (Stedinger x Hauptstutbuch), Dam Raritaet (Riccione x Larin)


Prices start from £8,000 - Contact Ian Winfield for more details on +44 1403 710946 or +44 7702 124123

Oec dressage Worldwide Sixtus is a ready-to-go Prix st George horse. This 10 year old son of Saryno (whom is out of Sandro Hit lineage) his training inter I/inter II level at home and is showing a great natural aptitude for the work and touching on the Grand Prix work. Sixtus would be ideal for a Junior/Young rider or and adult.



Oec Dressage Worldwide Wyn Again

Name: Oec Dressage Worldwide Wyn Again

Age 7 Year old – 
Height 16.2 HH approx.
Level Medium (starting flying changes)
Colour Brown/Bay
Sex Gelding
Breeding Wynton x Price Thatch- Donnerhall           


Prices start from £8,000 - Contact Ian Winfield for more details on +44 1403 710946 or +44 7702 124123

Wyn Again is a rare jewel who evades elegance and grace as he carries himself with an amazing presence around the arena. he displays a delightful lightness and oozes charm. This beautiful horse is captivating from the first moment. His stunning looks set this young horse apart from the crowd. His success and high scores in the young horse classes is understandable, with his natural quality and fluency in his work.He has top class model confirmation, creating an unmistakable uphil picture, his movements are free flowing and expressive through the shoulder with a well placed engaged hindleg.



Oec Dressage Worldwide Mr Hardcore

Name: Oec Dressage Worldwide Mr Hardcore

Age 3 Year old
Height 16.2 HH approx.
Level Prelim/Novice
Colour Black
Sex Stallion (can be gelded)
Breeding Henessy-DeNiro x Sir Donnerhall- Donnerhall


Prices start from £8,000 - Contact Ian Winfield for more details on +44 1403 710946 or +44 7702 124123

This stunning, young, Black Stallion has it all. He will be the envy of all who see him in or out of the arena. He displays a superbly placed head and neck, set free from moving shoulders. He has active, well engaged hindlegs producing a beautifully uphill and natural self carriage, with easy energy and balance, allowing him to produce a light footed, smooth, flowing elegance with expression in all three paces. Mr Hardcore is loose and supple with good ground cover and tremendous power, he shows true athletisism for such a young horse.