Oec Dressage Worldwide Equine Therapy

Nicole Rombach, Dip APM, AEBW, MIPTI, is one of the equine sports therapists for OEC Dressage Worldwide. She offers regular consultations and will work on clients' horses before, during and after competitions and as part of a regular training programme. She works under veterinary approval and/or referral and specialises in equine sports massage, CranioSacral therapy, equine myofascial release, equine acupressure and other rehabilitative therapies. Her clients include a number of well-known trainers and competitors as well as owners of horses competing in a variety of disciplines.

She has featured in numerous national and international publications including Horse and Hound, Horse and Rider and Dressage and is a regular contributor to various equestrian magazines and on-line articles for equestrian magazine websites. Equinenergy was recently featured on the popular BBC programme ‘Countryfile’.

Nicole owns and manages Equinenergy, the United Kingdom branch of the international school Equinology, Inc. The School offers a full curriculum of recognised studies in all aspects of equine complementary health science including equine sports massage, equine CranioSacral therapy, biomechanics, exercise physiology and more. The clinics are all presented by world-renowned veterinarians and specialists such as Debranne Pattillo, Dr Hilary Clayton, Dr Kerry Ridgeway, Dr Chris Pasquini and many others.

Nicole working on one of our horses