Vicki Training

Vicki has perfected the art of Classical Dressage and trained many different horses with various degrees of talent successfully up to Grand Prix.

It is the art of riding in harmony with, rather than against, the horse. Correct classical riding only occurs when the rider has a good seat and a correct and well-balanced body position, moves with the horse's motion, and gives and times the aids correctly. The natural ability to collect is visible in every horse of any breed. It inspired early trainers to reproduce that kind of behaviour in more controlled circumstances. This origin also points out why, every healthy horse, regardless of its breed, can perform classical dressage movements.

If you would like one to one instruction with Vicki please contact her: +44 (0) 7774 211 640 or

Vicki not only offers her first hand help to her owners on-side but also teaches all levels of students from around the globe. Her dressage clinics are held every Wednesday and Sunday.

Joining Vicki Clinics

To join one of Vicki's clinics, please fill in the online form below and send your payment to:

OEC Dressage Worldwide
Oldencraig Equestrian Centre
Tandridge Lane

If you have any other questions please call Vicki Thompson - Winfield: +44 (0) 7774 211 640

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Senior Riding Lessons

If you would like to have a lesson with one of her senior riders please contact
OEC Dressage Worldwide : +44 (0) 1342 833317

Riding Vouchers

If you like to give a special gift, why not buy one of OEC Dressage Worldwide Riding Vouchers.

Assessment or Lunge lesson £55 for 1/2 hour
Senior Instructor £75 for 1 hour
Chief Instructor Schoolmaster lesson £85 for 45 minutes
Vicky Thompson-Winfield Schoolmaster lesson £95 for 45 minutes

Vicky Thompson-Winfield lesson with your own horse £95 for 45 minutes


A £2.50 administration charge will be added to your order or we can provide a greeting card and send the voucher direct to the recipient for a £2 charge.

Please send a cheque, along with a stamped addressed envelope, made payable to OEC Dressage Worldwide and we will send the voucher.

Alternatively, you can purchase riding vouchers at the OEC Online Tackshop.